TUSCANY, ITALY & Hidden Gems September, 2024

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                                    An Incredible Itinerary!

So, are you wondering what it's like to smell the earth as you walk within a sun-kissed vineyard? How about the taste of simple ingredients when you catch the aroma of white truffle-infused cinghiale ragu atop pappardelle pasta? Will you visit places where the only language your hear is Italian and there are rarely any tourists? Well, get ready... you will live all the answers through your senses and more.

Much like Rome, you could visit Tuscany 365 days in a year and still not experience it completely but, I have curated some very unique sights and experiences that I am sure will tantalize all your senses while making lasting memories. We will begin our excursion in Rome, and travel from there to Tuscany! 


Itinerary: September 25- October 5, 2024 - 11 days, 10 nights

*If you have never been to Rome, it is a strong suggestion for you to arrive two days prior to our tour. we can set you up with local touristic agendas but, they will be outside what we lead and what is within our travel package.


                                                      11-day itinerary:

  PM Walk to a surprise underground city treasure often unseen by the average tourist, gather our belongings to travel to Orvieto to walk the city and its hidden gems then settle into an artisanal meal followed by simple Qigong exercises. We travel to Tuscany. 


Volterra, Italy

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Qigong: come to learn return home rejuvenated and strong

Qigong is an ancient Chinese movement with some of it's elements within T'ai chi

Qigong is an ancient Chinese form of gentle movements that release the blockages of energy throughout the body. Having your chakras open leads to vitality and longevity.