About ME 

I am Lynore Soffer: travel enthusiast, gardener, writer, Qi Gong practitioner and adventurer. My educational background is based in Psychology, Business and more recently, a certified, Level One QiGong Healer. I have always loved and appreciated cultures from around the globe from my earliest days as a Business Consultant to various people of different national origins. I love different cultures so much that I and my family made the leap and moved to Costa Rica in 2009. Subsequently, I have lived in Volterra, Italy and reestablished in the United States while maintaining ties to former homesteads. My travels have taken me to over 21 countries including much of Europe, Asia, Central America, and the Caribbean. In my days of homesteading in other countries, I have taught Qigong and Tai Chi in places like the Cloud Forest mountains of Monteverde, Costa Rica and travel blogged while living in Tuscany, Italy. (see the footnote below for the link to my blog) Through all of my experiences in travel, I have accumulated the knowledge of tucked away places while making friends with people whom I adore. There are places that I would love to share with fellow travelers while respecting the environment. While we travel, we would be mindful of the footprints we leave behind.

With FOLLOW ME, you are invited to engage all your senses. You will have deeper experiences as you visit both tourist locations and hidden away local gems. Visualize yourself visiting markets and seeing the bright colors of local vegetables, fresh caught seafoods, various land fare and herbs while gathering ingredients with a chef who specializes in cooking local cuisine. Imagine tasting a local dish you have just learned to cook... steam rising, new savory aromas filling the air. Taste a delicious, new fruit drink that lifts your spirits and quenches your thirst for what is new and different. Envision embarking on secret hikes where you smell natural botanicals and fresh water while you listen to a roaring waterfall in the near distance. Visualize sitting in the warmth of a thermal mud bath, relaxing in the elements of nature. 

FOLLOW ME... as these experiences are mine that I wish to share with you.

Consider the experience of having spent the day out on a sailboat excursion, filled with sunshine on your face, snorkeling and diving in sea waters while being greeted with tantalizing snacks and sweet libations, only to return to shore while gazing at the sunset and listening to lively music. Imagine the relaxing atmosphere of the sights and sounds from the day. . . the fond memories you have made knowing the promise of the day to follow will be just as sublime.    

Simply, FOLLOW ME....

  Chamonix, France


Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Phuket, Thailand